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Mai Te Kahui Maunga Ki Tangaroa ko au te awa ko te awa ko au

Te Wheturere Poope Robert Gray


I am Te Wheturere Poope Robert Gray, still known as Dad, no longer called Dear, nowadays mostly called Koro Bobby, Uncle Bob, cousin Bob or just plain Bob. There's a few left who still call me mate.

They're all precious people.

I am a retired teacher of both Pakeha Schools and Kaupapa Maori Schools, and I've taught in Kohanga Reo, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Technical Institutes, Whare Wanangas and Universities.

Most of my career teaching was in those long since gone Maori Schools...wonderful places!

Right now I'm a little bit old (pensioner), a little bit deaf (turn up the tv), a little bit blind (+4 reading glasses), a little bit slow (got a tokotoko) and I don't tolerate fools.

I've had a good number of children, the right number of wives, quite a few whangais, to many inlaws, not enough mokopunas, tons of whanaungas and some very very loyal friends as well as heaps of tupunas.

Without all of them I wouldn't be - Te Wheturere Poope Robert Gray!